Thursday, July 23, 2009

--Turns Your Domain Into Commission Earnig machine--

If, like myself, you have a lot of domain names with a lot of potential simply not making what you think they should be making in parking revenue perhaps you should think hard about diversifying your monetization schemes?

I am not talking about just premium domain names – obviously we are not all Rick Schwartz with his’s and his’s – I am talking about your run of the mill, keyword rich domain names too.

I rarely get excited about online products with huge sales letters simply because they are usually a lot of fluff with very little end result. This is why you don’t see me promoting too many products on here – I don’t want to promote something that I haven’t tried and that I can’t vouch for.

This is why I thought I would take the time and write about Brian Johnson’s new product – it’s simply too good not to talk about – and it gets guaranteed results – it will improve your domains’ revenue stream!

If you don’t know about Brian Johnson – he is a guy making thousands of dollars weekly in affiliate sales and commissions, week in, week out – and he has been doing it for years. He has successfully promoted everything from pet food to domain parking products, from website hosting packages to food recipes.

Many people – and a lot of domainers – are guilty of being too narrow-minded when it comes to revenue streams for their domain names. I’ll admit it, up until recently I was the same, I only trusted domain parking revenue and complete website development. This is starting to change though, thanks to Brian in part. There is a whole boatload of potential behind affiliate marketing that I can’t believe more domainers are not taking an advantage of.

So what m i Talking about:

Brian has just released his Commission Ritual his entire blueprint to how he makes money with his keyword rich domain names selling affiliate products and making commissions along the way. He tells it all, step by step in a simple and easy to follow system.

This is not one of those products that promises much and delivers squat – it is a system guaranteed to work that takes you step by step from a keyword rich domain name in any niche you choose, to continuous, weekly revenue.

The package includes a 130 page core training manual, over 90 tutorial videos and a whole host of bonus stuff that you can use to improve your domain name’s revenue stream.

By following his step by step system, you will go from an underutilized domain name with unsatisfactory revenue to a valuable commodity with weekly, continuous revenue.

So, what’s the catch? There is no catch, but you have to hurry as the crazy guy is letting folks try the system out for just $4.95 for a 7 day period with a 60 day money back guaranteed.

Go try it here



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