Thursday, July 9, 2009

Information About Domain

Domain Name Basics:

what's in a domain name?
A lot more than you might think.your domain name can be your first impression,your face to the outside world,and your new marketing plan.Learn more about domain names are,why you should take the time to choose a good one for yourself,and how to go about it.

What is Domain Name:
A domain name is an adress for the internet .it helps people ti find your website.Just as home and businesses have street adresses,all websites have domain name.Like google Domain name is

A domain name is made up of two parts typically preceded by www. let's use as an example:
The first part,google,is a unque name that represent the website.
The second part,com , is the extension,and stands for "commercial"there are many extensions available, .net , .biz , .info , and .us are the most popular extension in the United States

Why is a Good Domain Name Important:
a good domain name helps you in numerous ways.

For Businesses:
Add your domain name to your business card,email signature, and other advertisments
Build credibility:
Show your customers that you have an established Business.
Improve Your marketing :
Provide customers an easy way to remember and contact you.
Protect Your Brand:
Secure the domain name that best represents your business name and keep it out of the hand os your competitores.

For Consumers:

Describe your site as best you can with your domain name.for Example,A pair of amateur magicians might use theri stage names,some combination of word including magic,or the name of their most famous trick.

How do i Chose Domain Name:

Keep these tips in mind as you select your domain name
Your domain name should reflect your business name or the topic your site will cover.
It should be a unique and concise name that is easy to say,remember , and spell.
You can use only letters , numbers , and hyphens in your domain name.Spaces or other abbreviation or locations to come up with a unique alternative.

Have you ever wondered? how many domain naemes google owns? currently google owns 520 domains names.their domain collection has been growing over the last couple years because of all of the companies they started and have bought.some of these domain names are not in google's name, but in the company's name that they purchased.if you see any domains missing or inaccuracies,feel free and leave a comment.

Google"s Growing List Of Domains:

What is Fraudulent involving for Domains?

I want to help you prevent your domain name registration from being moved to another company by being tricked into renewing witha another provider.if you receive mail that appears to be an invoice, which is in fact a solicitation for business, you may be the target of a fraudulent or false invoicing scheme.

Which Company are making these Solicitations:

There are a number of domain registration companies looking to grow ther businesses by stealingbusiness from other companies.While we welcome fair competition in the market place, some companies believe the best way to win business is to solocit existng domain name registrants and trick then into moving their domain regstration business.Some companies recently reported to have been nvolved n this type of activity are:
Domain Registry of America --DROA--
Internet Registry of Canada --IROC--
Internet Registry of America --ROA--
Verisign/Network Solution

check out for the latest information

What should i do to avoid being tricked into transferring my domain away from my current provider?

The best way to combat this is to simply ignore all communications regarding your domain name that do not come from your current provider.

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