Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good domain name Grow

Good Domain Name Grow Scarcs.:

Most of the good,short words you would for marketing a great domain anme are already taken Eli Mltman has been naming things for most of his life. At age 6, he helped his father, Danyy Altman , the founder of the named 400 companies and brands since andd joined his dad's business in 2002.
With the rise of the internet, names made of words that mean something like apple computer, went out of favor.
Eceryone wants these shorts , catchy names, "says Altman
Web addresses are cheap== less than 10 $ a year in most cases-- and trillion of them are still available . The problems is that short , prounceable names ending with the extension are increasingly rare. All the normal words in spoken english are taken ,:Altman says.

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