Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 good tips before u buy an Expired Domain

So friends, Here are a couple of tips befor to buy an expired domain, maybe it can help you.

No 1:
firstly check out the real backline, for example if you make a Google Link ;, May be Google shoot 43434 backlink, you will say great.But before saying something.. I high recommend visit some backlinks to check if the domain is. As you know Google does not update daily the backlinks. To make it easy open Firefox browser go to --edit- See source code, then search the domain --in forex Ctrl+f--, This process save time..f the domain name is not more in the backlinks website, in the next google Pr update the domain will lose the power

No 2-
Check out if the domain is in yahoo, this can help a lot. If the domain is in yahoo directory than you are saving money USD 300/yearly.

Check out if the domain is in Dmoz directory, here you will save time.

No 4-
You can use Internet Archive to check the old design, content etc.

No 5-
Rmember, if the domain keep the backlinks, the domain will keep the Pr, --Seep Step 10--

No 6-
Remember the process to buy an expired domain can take time, maybe one month or more.This is time to build your next webste with a god design. No more directories, Lol Joke..

No 7-
Check out if the domain has gov, edu backlinks.Help a lot..

No 8-
Before buy a domain,check out the hstory, I saw many good Pr, but really i did not like the domain history, for example personal Gov domains, etc really we wonn't to have problem in the future, right? use internet archive.

No 9-
If you find a travel related domain, try to create a travel related site, as i can saw there are many people building websites with expired domain not related the old content, for example, domain wth name savemytree with new content with travel related. The best way for savemytree is create a website talking about trees, flowers, etc..

No 10-
Keep working in your expired domains as a new domain. adding content , link building, etc etc, check out a resource list to promote a website.

If you find out an expired domain with traffic you can use t to redirect traffic to your new domain.

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