Tuesday, July 14, 2009

List of traffic domain for sale



AntiCollisionRadar.com $4995 Anti Collision Radar

AutoSelfStorage.com $1995 Auto Self Storage

AvoidAccidents.com $2995 Avoid Accidents Who wants these names? BMW? Volvo? Lexus?


BourneTraffic.com $495 Bourne Traffic


CapeTraffic.com $995 Cape Traffic

Caradar.com $2995 Caradar Collision Avoidance Radar, Car Radar, CAnada Radar or CAlifornia Radar

CanadaTraffic.com $1995 Canada Traffic


Figure8Race.com FOR SALE Figure 8 Race

Figure8Races.com FOR SALE Figure 8 Races

FigureEightRace.com FOR SALE Figure Eight Race

FigureEightRaces.com FOR SALE Figure Eight Races

FigureEightRacing.com FOR SALE Figure Eight Racin


LandTraffic.com $995 Land Traffic


MexicoTraffic.com $995 Mexico Traffic

MicroCompactCars.com FOR SALE Micro Compact Cars

MicroCompacts.com FOR SALE Microcompacts

MiniCompactCars.com FOR SALE Mini Compact Cars


Quietrac.com FOR SALE Quietrac - Potential brand name for location tracking or automotive feature.

Quietrax.com FOR SALE Quietrax - Buy both. Use one and protect the other.

QuietTrack.com FOR SALE Quiet Track


SagamoreFlyover.com $995 Sagamore Flyover - Most comprehensive Flyover site available

Securide.com FOR SALE Securide Secure Ride

Silentrac.com FOR SALE Silentrac - Another great brand name for tracking or automotive use

Silentrack.com FOR SALE Silentrack - Buy all three. Use one and protect the others.

Silentrax.com FOR SALE Silentrax - VERY catchy!

SmartDash.com $4995 Smart Dash

SmartDashboard.com $4995 Smart Dashboard

Supercompacts.com $2995 Supercompacts


UltraCompactCars.com $1995 Ultra Compact Cars

Ultracompacts.com $2995 Ultracompacts

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