Thursday, July 23, 2009

--Domain Names As investment Hedge in Financial Crisis--

I just read an excellent article by Mike Foil that depicts perfectly why you should be investing in domain names right now.

The article amongst other things list several reasons why domain names are a safe bet at the moment:
1. Domains are a global commodity. The Internet is not a singular institution, country or entity that can fail. It has a growing yet solidified place in a globalized future.
2. Domain names are not based in debt and actually benefit from economic downturns and instability.
3. Unlike Lehman Brothers or Mac and Mae, the Internet is not going anywhere but up – especially with the next item as consideration.
4. Energy issues/prices and depleted discretionary income will drive more usage of the Internet as entertainment, news source, global connective, savings source.
5. The normal ‘hedge’ in these times is ‘gold’ but at nearly $900 per ounce, it is a prohibitive investment vehicle. And note, during the Great Depression, the government seized precious metals from its citizenry.

To read the rest of the article, go here



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  2. Interesting article..........investing in domain names in financial crisis.Keep posting.

  3. Very interesting. I have already found out how hard it is to get a domain that you want. I didn't realize that people may be buying them up! How smart!

  4. Great! I think I may have read that one as well, or another piece with a similar idea, and wasn't able to find it again since. It is indeed a very wise way to invest your money.