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How to Make Money With Domains..

How to Make Money With Domains

Author: Ajisafe Mayowa
Many times you have gone online i.e. on the internet, type the name of a website in your web browser address bar. Have you ever check your emails or signup for something on the internet? if so, then you have come about an internet real estate. Website names like, and so on are referred to as Domain name. They are also called Internet Real Estate because they offer a high returns on investment.
Three things make a website such as; those three things are the Domain Name, Web Hosting and the Content that you see on the website.
The Web Hosting is the land, the Content is the building on the land while the Domain Name is the name given to the house. Whenever you typed a website name say on you web browser’s address bar, the Domain Name links with the Web Host to bring out the Content on the Website.
Therefore, generally speaking, Domain Names are the Backbone of everything you see and do online.


You may be wondering why Internet Real Estate. Can I make money and how can I make money with it. it too ask the same question long ago. Do you also wonder the essence of these Domain Names?
Domain Names are also branded like, and then imagine the worth of this name to Toyota Company. Ask yourself if you own or, how much would Bill Gate, the owner of Microsoft pay to you to own by buying it from you.

When anyone wants to set up a website, the first thing is to get a Domain Name. It is the means of Identity and branding online. It is a goldmine that is just been digged into by internet savvy.
Domain Name are just like the address of a business. You can let it appreciate in value. You can build it and sell at a high profit. Sometimes you can decide to earn a cash flow from it by parking it.

This eBook is written to open up your eyes and imagination to the potential money making opportunity in Internet Real Estate. How to get a Domain name and how to make the money from it.


There are over millions of Domain name on the internet but only a fraction will ever be worth anything while others make a fortune. You can be smart and make a fortune, or be not-so-smart and lose it in an instant.
In the Inception

In the 90’s, when was registered, there was not really such a thing as a “domainer.” Some people knew some domain names were better than others, but the whole idea of buying and selling domains was not a huge concept. But years have passed and some domain names are now worth more than anyone could have ever imagined. In hindsight you may think, “Oh, I wish I would have registered some names back then and now I would be rich.” Well, the domain name game is not over and it will not be for a while. It will be a continuing trend until humanity dies or the Internet evolves into a place where domains are replaced by another form of navigation to Internet sites.
The Market Now
It is true that most of the good domains are taken at this point. Many, many names are already owned by domainers or are being used for websites; therefore, there are less good domains in the “wild” (left unregistered). However, you notice that I said “most” are taken. You still have a good chance at landing some great domains. You will never register another domain, but you still can make thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, if you play your cards right.
On the open market, you still have the ability to buy high-quality, premium domains. Domains like are not unattainable, but it will take a lot of work if you want to start from nothing and build an empire. Rome was not built in a day, and your domain/web-property portfolio won’t be either.
A good domainer will take names that are left unregistered and have the ability to identify their worth. Are they worth the $8 or so (the ballpark registration cost) a year they cost to keep? Identifying a domain that is worth money is a tricky business, unless the name has obvious characteristics that normal, everyday people would want to buy. And since most names that have that kind of intrinsic value, such as or are long gone, we have to use our brains to stay ahead of the curve and find ways to identify which domains will have current or future intrinsic value.

After going through the Introduction to Domain Name and the business in general, then you may wonder how can you own a Domain Name
Owning a Domain Name
You can own a domain Name by buying one as you would with a Building. The process of registering a new domain is relatively standardized, with a registrar acting as your intermediary to the central registry. Domain registrar is the ones who sell Domain Name online. By opening accounts with the most common registrars, you’ll be prepared to buy and sell domains from other domainers, allowing for an easy and painless change of ownership.
If you’re in this to make money, you have to have the foresight to select good domains and be able to turn them into a profit-center. With a little business sense, it is possible to take a small amount of capital and an understanding of the domain market and generate a substantial amount of money from your domain portfolio by putting your money to work for you.
By selecting domains with natural traffic or the likeliness for future growth, you can create a recurring fortune from your domains.
About the Author:

Ajisafe Mayowa is an online money making expert who owns various online money making website.

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